About us

FarmSmart is a grant funded, purpose led start-up. We launched in 2019 as a tech-solution for the many thousands of organisations globally wanting to enhance their impact by reaching more farmers with the critical farming information they need to thrive. FarmSmart is an adaptable tool that is compatible with all forms of agriculture – urban gardens, livestock, bees, crops and more. Currently, the app is active in Kenya and French Polynesia.

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Meet the team

Alia Malik - Founder

Alia is a sustainable development professional and entrepreneur who has worked around the world across Tech4Good and international development organisations.

Emma Hooper - Business Development

Emma specialises in business development and political communications. She focuses on building strategies for organisations wishing to expand into new countries. Emma speaks Yoruba and is a currently studying for her PhD in Development studies with SOAS University.

Josh Dowley - Partnerships Manager

Josh focuses on our partnership portfolio, introducing organisations to FarmSmart and our tech services. He also runs our social media accounts. Josh has recently completed a Master's with SOAS University in Violence, Conflict & Development.

Anastacia Cheruiyot - Kenya Agriculture Lead

Anastacia is a Kenya-based agricultural expert, specialising in permaculture, biodiversity, and climate-smart farming. She works primarily as an agricultural development consultant.

Safi Malik - Content Manager / Grants Funding

Safi has been involved in agristart ups as an entrepreneur and as an Angel & Series B fundraising lead for startups.

Charles Watson - Advisor

Charles is a highly experienced business leader across the field of professional services and the communications sector. He is currently Chairman of TeneoHoldings International, where he leads the global strategic consulting firm’s development outside of North America. Charles has also chaired a number of businesses across the communications, advertising, education and music sectors, as well as sitting on the boards of not-for-profit organisations.

Amido - CTO and Software Development Team

Amido is an independent technical consultancy that specialises in implementing cloud-first solutions. It helps clients build resilience at scale, flexibility for the future and differentiation of customer experience. It specialises in assembling and integrating proven cloud technologies, often building solutions around an existing core while enabling clients to prioritise their investment between commodity services and those that deliver competitive advantage. They design solutions that bridge and augment clients’ existing technology, reducing the operational risk of change.

Our partners

Amido - our principal partner

Amido is an independent technical consultancy specialising in assembling, integrating and building cloud-native solutions. Whether it’s helping define your digital strategy, or demonstrating value before investing in delivery, we help organisations design and deliver digital programmes that drive growth and efficiency.

The Island Initiative

The contemporary reality of the French Polynesian environment and economic progress is impeded. This is especially the case in the remote archipelagos where economies generally consist of monoculture agriculture (Copra production), small scale tourism and fish exports. The Island Initiative works to equip communities with business and farming skills.

SOAS University of London

Through our translation partnership with SOAS University we have been able to release a Swahili version of our in Kenya. Students and leading academics from SOAS and Kenyatta University translated FarmSmart material to make it more accessible for Swahili speaking farmers.