Empowering farmers

Grow more with less

Receive recommendations for what to grow

Manage a small business using our P/L tool

Get farming info, including local disease and pest alerts

Join farming communities via WhatsApp

Built using the latest in cloud tech

Learn to farm

Step-by-step guides to learn how to grow a variety of crops, catering to all skill levels.

Interactive chat UI

A streamlined farmer onboarding process. The captured data drives the recommendations algorithm.

Start a business

Providing the tools to manage a small business, enabling farmers to lead more self-sufficient lives.

Get the latest info

The latest farming knowledge, including real-time disease and pest alerts for your area.

Offline support

A streamlined farmer onboarding process for enhanced user experience. The captured data drives the recommendations algorithm.


The app will support multiple profiles, enabling farmers to manage their farm on a shared device.

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